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Paella de Marisco

  • Our El Arrosset Kit is handmade with the best fresh ingredients to make paella in a simple way, without waste, without spending more time than necessary, and above all with professional quality. Making paella with El Arrosset is simple and 100% natural.

    At El Arrosset we take care of all the details to make your Paella the success you are looking for. That is why we have selected a balanced rice that provides all the flavour, aroma and perfect texture.

    Our careful recipe of yaya Pilar to make seafood paella, is made in the most traditional way with rock fish and fresh seafood from the Levantine coast, which gives us an intense flavour, without additives or artificial ingredients and with all the freshness of the sea.

    the preparation includes; broth already infused with saffron (can 800g) and rice (bag 240g). 1 bay leaf, 5g sweet paprika.